001-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 002-2022 Civil Marriage Officiant Contract Bylaw
 004-2022 Purchase Sale Agreement-Keewatin Patricia District School Board-Central Park
 005-2022 FCM Funding Agreement-Asset Management
 006-2022 Amendment to FedNor Funding Agreement Strategic Plan
 007-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 008-2022 Agreement Solid Construction Central Park Works
 009-2022 Budget Amendment-Norman Park Playground Project
 010-2022 Budget Amendment-Municipal Accommodation Tax Projects
 011-2022 Agreement with WSP Railway St construciton
 012-2022 Agreement Ministry of Transportation Dedicated Gas Tax Funding
 013-2022 Agreement Ministry Municipal Affairs Housing Municipal Modernization Funding
 014-2022 Ontario Trillium Foundation Agreement - Norman Park Accessible Playground
 015-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 016-2022 2022 Water and Wastewater Budget
 017-2022 2022 Solid Waste Budget
 018-2022 Budget Amendment-Multiple Carry forward projects 2021
 019-2022 Taxi
 020-2022 Twenty One Ventures Inc Floating Water Park
 021-2022 Repeal License of Occupation Agreement 135-2021
 022-2022 D14-22-02 Zoning Bylaw Amendment-Valley Dr
 023-2022 Appoint Bylaw Enforcement Officer Andrew Barclay
 024-2021 KGS Consulting Agreement-McLeod Park
 025-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement - Kenora Recreation Centre Projects bylaw
 026-2022 Agreement Ministry Forestry Railway St road project
 027-2022 Public Sector Digest Services Agreement
 028-2022 RED Funding Agreement - Harbourtown streetscaping
 030-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 031-2022 Investment Policy Statement
 032-2022 Election Signs
 033-2022 Synergy North Subordination and Postponement Agreement
 034-2022 CEMC Emergency Management Appointments
 035-2022 Cemetery Rates and Fees
 036-2021 Collaboration Agreement Science North
 037-2022 D14-22-03 Zoning Bylaw Amendment 1439 Railway St
 038-2022 Deputy Fire Chief Appointment - D Pratt
 039-2022 Agreement GW Architecture Inc. Ops Centre Renovations
 040-2022 Agreement Brook McIlroy Inc. Professional Services self clean washroom
 041-2022 Agreement with RAS Facility Services Janitorial Services
 042-2022 New System Building and Propety Services Ltd Public Parks Washrooms
 043-2022 Agreement Enterprises Urben Blu Inc Self Cleaning Washroom
 044-2022 Budget Amendment Municipal Paving Projects
 045-2022 Agreement with Titan Contractors Sewer Water Reconstruction
 046-2022 Agreement Pioneer Construction Municipal Paving works
 047-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 048-2022 Parking Lots
 049-2022 2022 Operating Budget
 050-2022 Tax Ratios
 051-2022 Tax Rates
 052-2022 BIZ Levy
 053-2022 Council Remuneration
 054-2022 Amend Procurement Policy AF-1-1
 055-2022 Tariff of Fees Charges
 056-2022 Council Code of Conduct Policy
 057-2022 Boards and Committees Code of Conduct Policy
 058-2022 Lame Duck Delegation Authority
 059-2022 Amend Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes Policy
 060-2022 Agreement Bell Canada 9-1-1 Next Gen Service
 061-2022 Budget Amendment - Landfill Perimeter Road Construction
 062-2022 Budget Amendment Art Centre Balcony Water Damage
 063-2022 Permanently Close Declare Surplus Sell Parts of Road Allowances Aberdeen St Grey St
 064-2022 Authorize Sale of Lands to 10000089155 Ontario Inc-Alberdeen St Grey St
 065-2022 Permanently Close Declare Surplus Sell Parts of Road Allowances Railway St
 066-2022 Authorize Sale of Lands to 10110628 MB Ltd and 1489298 ON Inc Railway St
 067-2022 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-22-01 371 Strecker Rd-AMENDED Remove holding zone
 068-2022 Agreeemnt with Stantec Consulting Professional Engineering Bridges
 069-2022 Agreeemnt with Colliers Project Leaders Inc Project Management
 070-2022 Agreement LMD Contracting removal and replacement of the Coney Island Boardwalk
 071-2022 Appoint Deputy Treasurer - M Saunders
 072-2022 FedNor Contribution Agreement
 073-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement
 074-2022 MNDMFNR Agreement
 075-2022 MEDJCT Agreement
 076-2022 Nature Conservancy Purchase and Sale Agreement
 077-2022 Green Adventures Agreement
 078-2022 Agreement with CRCS Recreation Playpower
 079-2022 Budget Amendment Emergency Repairs Coker Rd E Kelly Rd
 080-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 081-2022 Budget Amendment Approved Funding Applications
 082-2022 Hing Lease Renewal
 083-2022 Purchase Sale Agreement-Province of Ontario-38 properties Western Lumber Co
 084-2022 Municipal Capital Facitlities
 085-2022 Appoint Building Officials
 086-2022 D14-22-04 ZBA River Dr
 087-2022 D14-22-05 ZBA Matheson St S
 088-2022 Appoint Bylaw Summer Student Spender Sundin
 089-2022 Deputy Division Registrar Appointment-Lisa Wilcott
 090-2022 Agreement Oakwood Roofing-Kee Arena repairs
 091-2022 Harbourfront Food Vendor Agreement - The BDI Ltd
 092-2022 Agreement Moncrief Construction Coker Rd grade raise
 093-2022 Agreement-Image Advantage Solutions Inc-file scan project
 094-2022 Agreement-Image Advantage Solutions Inc-file management project
 095-2022 Agreemnt with Stantec Consulting Professional General Engineering Services
 096-2022 Agreeemnt with Dinosaur Valley Studios
 097-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-Husky Muskie McLeod Park
 098-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-Peace Park
 099-2022 Lease Agreement Graham and Graham 117 Main Street South
 100-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 101-2022 Budget Amendment Parking Meter Kiosks
 102-2022 Procedural Bylaw
 103-2022 Budget Amendment MUSE art
 104-2022 Creighton Lease Extension 243 Rabbit Lake Road bylaw
 105-2022 Site Plan Control By-law
 106-2022 Open Up Establish a Public Highway Dufresne Island North
 107-2022 Funding Agreement NWBC Ontario Business Improvement Area Assoc
 108-2022 Private Road Agreement 2839441 Ontario Inc.
 109-2022 Agreement Behr Integrated Solutions Inc-Fire Master Plan
 110-2022 Fednor Funding Agreement Amendment-Harbourfront
 111-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-Upgrades Norman Park Playground
 112-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 113-2022 Budget Amendment Coney Island Footbridge
 114-2022 Appoint Deputy Treasurer - R Marsh
 115-2022 Repeal Zoning Bylaw 34-2021 Central Park
 116-2022 Vacancy Rebate Program
 117-2022 Site Plan Control CP Rail-Two Bears Marina bylaw
 118-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-LOW Museum building mechanical
 119-2022 ICIP Transfer Funding Agreement - water main upgrades
 120-2022 Repeal 73-2019 Urban Trails Committee TofR
 121-2022 Budget Amendment Coney Island Footbridge
 122-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 123-2022 Joint Audit Compliance Committee TOR Elections
 124-2022 HR-2-18 Disconnect from Work Policy bylaw
 125-2022 Repeal Policy HR-1-2 n ES-1-1
 126-2022 Keewatin Medical Clinic Bylaw
 127-2022 Kenora Recreation Centre Concession lease agreement-Chad Gropp
 128-2022 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-22-06 216 Matheson St S
 129-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-docking remedial works
 130-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-upgrades and repairs keewatin areana
 131-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-upgrades to six balldiamonds
 132-2022 NOHFC Funding Agreement-beach upgrades
 133-2022 NOHFC amended Funding Agreement Rotary Peace Park
 134-2022 Site Plan Control KDSB-10 Matheson St S
 135-2022 Amended Synergy North Subordination and Postponement Agreement
 136-2022 Agreement Performance Sponsorship Group
 137-2022 Agreement Sierra Construction Harbourfront Development McLeod Park
 138-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 139-2022 Agreement with Jennifer Schott Coney Island Park Beach
 140-2022 Agreement Moncrief Construction Pinecone Dr
 141-2022 Agreement Micro Transit Funding Agreement
 142-2022 Agreement Active Transporation Funding
 143-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 144-2022 Budget Amendment Coney Island Accessible Playground
 145-2022 HR-3-10 Sick Leave Critical Illness Long Term Disability Policy
 146-2022 Agreement Kenora's Best Plumbing and Heating Inc. City Hall Works
 147-2022 Agreement Dunit Contracting Ball Diamond Works
 148-2022 Agreement Dunit Contracting Topsoil Mixture
 149-2022 Agreement Docks and Lifts Unlimited Coney Island Footbridge
 150-2022 Agreement Cambrian Vacuum Corp Storm Sewer Works
 151-2022 Agreement FSTCanada Inc. Joe Johnson Equipment Sewer Jetter Cleaner Truck
 152-2022 Agreement Stratton Equipment Skid Steer Vehicle
 153-2022 Agreement Minister of Infrastructure Forefited Corporate Property
 154-2022 Fednor Funding Agreement Amendment-McLeod Park Husky's Landing Improvement Project Amendment
 155-2022 Site Plan Control KDSB-Sunset Bay and Transmitter Road
 156-2022 Confirm Proceedings
 157-2022 Procedural Bylaw
 158-2022 Conventional Transit Agreement Extension bylaw
 159-2022 CC 1-1 Council-CAO Covenant Policy
 160-2022 Public Notices
 161-2022 D14-22-07 Zoning Bylaw Amendment Nelson St Keewatin
 162-2022 Fire Chief CEMC Appointment - D Pratt
 163-2022 Appoint Treasurer - R Marsh
 164-2022 Agreement Minister of Tourism Culture and Sport - Canada Day
 165-2022 Agreement Minister Infrastructure - KRC Rehabilition
 166-2022 Amending Agreement NOHFC Funding LOW Museum project