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 001-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 002-2021 2021 Operating Budget
 003-2021 2021 Water and Wastewater Budget
 004-2021 2021 Solid Waste Budget
 005-2021 Hing Lease Renewal
 006-2021 Rotary Peace Park MOU
 007-2021 Pines Operating Agreement 2021
 008-2021 Deeming By-law Lots 47, 48 Plan M639
 009-2021 Repeal deeming 76-2014
 010-2021 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-20-04 63 Nash St
 011-2021 Ministry Transportation Agreement Municipal Transit enhanced cleaning funding
 012-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 013-2021 Council Renumeration
 014-2021 CC-14-1 Boards Committees Appointments Policy
 015-2021 Budget Amendment-Kenora Pavilion Renovations
 017-2021 Budget Amendment -Parkade Repairs
 018-2021 Debbies Greenhouse Bedding Plant Contract
 019-2021 Agreement Boreal Concepts - Rec Centre Vending-bylaw
 020-2021 Sell Municipal Property - 1125 Highway 17 East
 021-2021 Agreement of Purchase and Sale - Nature Conservancy of Canada - Town Island
 022-2021 Funding Agreement Nature Conservancy Canada
 023-2021 Agreement Businesss Advisory Centre Durham-NWBC funding
 024-2020 Amending Funding Agreement Min Agriculture Food Rural Affairs - Downtown Beautificiation
 025-2021 Agreement of Purchase and Sale - 1125 Highway 17E
 026-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 027-2021 Tax Ratios
 028-2021 Tax Rates
 029-2021 Budget Amendment -Line Painting
 030-2021 Budget Amendment -Off Leash Dog Park
 031-2021 Kenora Condominium Corp No 2 Lease Renewal
 032-2021 Budget Amendment -Ec Dev Tourism Strategy
 033-2021 D09-21-01 Official Plan Amendment Central Park
 034-2021 D14-21-01 Zoning Bylaw Amendment Central Park
 035-2021 Ministry of Transportation-Safe Restart Agreement Transit Funding Phase 2
 036-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 037-2021 Investment Policy Statement
 038-2021 All Nations Health Partners Collaborative Decisoin Making Framework
 039-2021 Budget Amendment -Jones Rd Landfill Concrete Works
 040-2021 Budget Amendment -Sewer Water Projects
 041-2021 Tariff of Fees and Charges
 042-2021 Amend Parking Lot Anicinabe Park overflow lot-add Y amend Park St lot-W
 043-2021 Budget Amendment -Douglas Family Art Centre kiln installation
 044-2021 Budget Amendment -Parks Recreation master plan
 045-2021 Budget Amendment -tourism marketing strategy redevelopment
 046-2021 Declare Lands Surplus - Shore Allowance 96 Lakeside Cres
 047-2021 Agreement of Purchase and Sale Wiebe - 96 Lakeside Cres shore allowance
 048-2021 Appoint Summer Student Bylaw Officer Chase Birch
 049-2021 Agreement Wake Marketing - Professional services for COVID-19 Recovery Aid for the NWBC
 050-2021 Agreement Kim Kaschor Municipal Podcast bylaw
 051-2021 Ministry of Transportation Dedicated Gas Tax Funding
 052-2021 Agreement Ministry seniors and Accessibility Inclusive Community Grants Program
 053-2021 Moncrief Agreement - 2021 Municipal Paving Works
 054-2021 Agreement Office of the Fire Marshall Fire Safety Grant
 055-2021 Agreement with Titan Contractors Sewer Water Reconstruction
 056-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 057-2021 BIZ Levy
 058-2021 Budget Amendment consolidate sewer water reserves
 059-2021 Budget Amendment CP Rail property Purchase Railway St
 060-2021 Budget Amendment Central Park SW
 061-2021 Amend Parking Lot Accessible Parking -Boat Launches
 062-2021 Budget Amendment Recreation software
 063-2021 Crime Prevention and Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee
 064-2021 D11-20-10 9th Street Site Plan Agreement
 066-2021 Agreement with KEM Construction Ltd - bridge-culvert
 067-2021 Appoint Summer Student Bylaw Officer Erik Verhelst
 068-2021 Agreement with Urban Systems Strategic Plan
 069-2021 Agreement FedNor Funding Strategic Plan
 070-2021 Fire Chief Appointment
 071-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 072-2021 Civil Marriage Officiant Contract Bylaw
 073-2021 Emergency Management Appointments
 074-2021 Planning Advisory Terms of Reference
 075-2021 D14-21-04 Zoning Bylaw Amendment - 613 Ottawa St
 076-2021 D14-21-05 Zoning Bylaw Amendment-321 First Ave S
 077-2021 DEFEATED
 078-2021 Amending Agreement - Labour Action Centre
 079-2021 Agreement - LOW Electric Water Treatment Plant Generator
 080-2021 Agreement M Builds NWO Ltd Valley Lift Station upgrades
 081-2021 Amend Parking Lots Rate Fees overnight parking keewatin
 082-2021 Heritage Sport Tourism Culture AGreement Harbourfront Business Dev Plan
 083-2021 Traffic Amendment to Parking-Accessible Stall Park St Brewco
 084-2021 CUPE Local 191 Collective Agreement
 085-2021 IBEW Collective Agreement
 086-2021 Budget Amendment KPSB Strat Plan
 087-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 088-2021 Budget Amendment Central Community Club Construction
 089-2021 Budget Amendment Recreation Centre Dehumidifier
 090-2021 Certificate of Approval Expropriation
 091-2021 Budget Amendment MAT Tax Operational workplan
 093-2021 Option to Purchase Agreement-5901058 Manitoba Ltd-Vacant Land
 094-2021 Agreement Kontzamanis Graumann Smith Macmillan Marine Watermain
 095-2021 Agreement with Titan Contractors Central Park Sewer Water Reconstruction
 096-2021 CC 1-1 Council-CAO Covenant Policy
 097-2021 Agreement RC Strategies Parks Recreation Master Plan
 098-2021 Agreement Wake Marketing - Professional Services
 099-2021 Green Adventures Agreement Coney Island Shuttle Operation
 100-2021 Harbourfront Food Vendor Agreement - BDI Ice Cream
 101-2021 Alternative Voting Method 2022 Elections
 102-2021 Confirm Proceedings
 103-2021 Letter Agreement TD Bank Debt Transfer
 104-2021 Budget Amendments 2020 Capital approved by Finance
 105-2021 Extension Agreement with Alpine Janitorial - School Crossing zone
 106-2021 Reciprocal Agreement Township of Machin-WWW Services
 107-2021 Budget Amendment-Central Community Club project
 108-2021 Budget Amendment - Food Cycler Progerm
 109-2021 Budget Amendment - Eticketing Modernization
 110-2021 DS D14-21-06 ZBA 865 East Melick Road
 111-2021 Funding Agreement Min Infrastructure ICIP Central Comm Club
 112-2021 Funding Agreement Min Infrastructure ICIP COVID-Kenora Rec Centre dehumidifier
 113-2021 Purchase Sale Agreement-CP Rail - Railway St lands
 114-2021 Agreement LocalIntel Economic Development online tools
 115-2021 Contribution Agreement Addendum -OBIAA Digital Squad grant
 116-2021 NWBC Digital Services Squad - Hannah Edie
 117-2021 NWBC Digital Services Squad - Miranda Patterson
 118-2021 Agreement Simply Voting Inc
 120-2021 Confirmatory
 121-2021 Boreal Datacom IT Services contract
 122-2021 Noise By-law Set Fines
 122-2021 Noise By-law
 123-2021 Agreement Chad Gropp KRC concession agreement extension
 124-2021 Permanently Close Declare Surplus and Sell Parts of Road Allowances Evergreen
 125-2021 Purchase and Sale Agreement 5901058 Manitoba Ltd Evergreen lands
 126-2021 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-21-07 661 Ninth St N
 127-2021 Deputy Division Registrar Appointment-Leah Bailey
 128-2021 Amendment to FedNor Funding Agreement Strategic Plan
 129-2021 Food Cycle Science Corp Agreement
 130-2021 Moncrief Agreement - 2021 Kenora Area Landfill Phase 1 Perimeter works
 131-2021 NWBC NOHFC Funding Agreement Intern
 132-2021 Agreement NOHFC Ec Dev Intern
 133-2021 Confirmatory
 134-2021 Reduced Load
 135-2021 License of Occupation
 136-2021 Closure of Road Declare Surplus Land-Pine Portage Area
 137-2021 Close Roads Declare Surplus and sell to KDSB Pine Portage Area
 138-2021 Authorize Sale of Lands to KDSB-Pine Portage Area
 139-2021 Collective Agreement KPFFA Local 943
 140-2021 Amended ICIP Agreement KRC Dehumidifier
 141-2021 NOHFC Funding Agreement - Harbourfront Business Plan Drawings
 142-2021 FedNor Funding Agreement Harbourfront Business Drawings
 143-2021 Confirmatory
 144-2021 Declare Surplus Chipman St Lot
 145-2021 Purchase and Sale Agreement-Northern Sounds Systems Chipman St
 146-2021 Purchase and Sale Agreement InnKeepers Inc
 147-2021 Funding Agreement Kenora District Services Board-Chipman St Washroom
 148-2021 D14-21-08 Zoning bylaw amendment Unaddressed property NE corner Sunset Bay Rd
 149-2021 Confirmatory
 150-2021 2022 Capital and Unusual Spending Budget
 151-2021 Tariff of Fees Charges
 152-2021 Handi Transit Agreement
 153-2021 Accounts Receivable Collections Policy AF-5-3
 154-2021 Missing Murdered Women Monument Agreement
 155-2021 Construction Demolition and Change of Use Permits and Inspections
 156-2021 Tariff of Fees for Planning Act Applications
 157-2021 Bell Canada Lease Town Island
 158-2021 Site Plan Control Agreement-CP Rail
 159-2021 D14-21-10 Zoning Bylaw Amendment
 160-2021 ESRI Agreement GIS Software
 161-2021 Amending Agreement FedNor Funding Harbourtown Detailed Designs
 162-2021 Funding Agreement FedNor Husky Muskie Refurb
 163-2021 Agreement KGS Group Harbourfront Detailed Designs
 164-2021 Lease Agreement BDC NWBC office space
 165-2021 Amending AGreement Min Ec Dev Job Creation NWBC Starter Co
 166-2021 Agreement Peterson Mechanical grit separator
 167-2021 Middle Lake Enterprises MOU winter activities
 168-2021 Agreement MMAH Municipal Modernization Funding