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 001-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 003-2017 Budget Amendment Kenora Shoppers Mall Minutes of Settlement
 005-2017 Traffic Amendment - Birchwood Cres-Road Stop Sign
 006-2017 Cemetery Rules and Regulations
 007-2017 Coney Island Park Contract Extension
 008-2017 Kenora Lions MOU Garrow Fitness park
 009-2017 Kenora Masonic Temple MOU Columbarium
 010-2017 Path of Paddle Amend Agreement
 011-2017 Purchase Lands from Plaza Reit Shoppers Mall property
 012-2017 LOWBrewCo Anicinabe Park Stage Naming Rights bylaw
 013-2017 Temporary Use Provision D14-16-05 - Temporary Emergency Shelter
 014-2017 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-16-06 - 1 7th St S
 015-2017 Dedicated Gas Tax Funds
 016-2017 Planning Services Contracts with MMM Group
 017-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 018-2017 Communications Policy LS-10-1
 019-2017 Social Media Policy LS-10-2
 020-2017 disband harbour safety committee bylaw number 157-2014
 021-2017 Budget Amendment Canadian Tire Minutes of Settlement
 022-2017 Traffic Amendment - James Road Rate of Speed
 023-2017 Cemetery Rates
 024-2017 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-17-01
 025-2017 Garrow Park Accessibility Paving Funding Agreement
 026-2017 Kenora Professional Fire fighters Assoc Collective agreement
 027-2017 Keewatin CIP Project Area
 028-2017 Keewatin CIP bylaw
 029-2017 Harbourtown Centre CIPA
 030-2017 Harbourtown Centre CIP
 031-2017 Former Mill Site community Improvement Plan Project Area
 032-2017 Former Mill Site Community Improvement Plan bylaw
 033-2017 Kenora Official Plan Amendment 3 CIPs
 034-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 035-2017 2017 Capital and Unusual Spending Budget
 036-2017 Alternative Voting Method 2018
 037-2017 Amend 2016 Budget - CUPE Settlement
 040-2017 Harbourtown BIZ MOU Free Whitecap Rental
 041-2017 Lakeshore Hotel Lease bylaw
 042-2017 FedNor funding Kenora Sportsplex
 043-2017 Weed Inspector Appointment - Dwayne German
 044-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 045-2017 Budget Amendment 7th Ave and Coker Baily Bridge Designs
 047-2017 Budget Amendment June 25 2016 Flooding Event
 049-2017 Yard Maintenance
 050-2017 Zoning Bylaw Amendment D14-17-02 - Whitta 65 Goss Road
 051-2017 NOHFC Amending Funding Agreement Kenora Rowing Club Site Improvements addt funding
 052-2017 Open Air Burning Amending Bylaw
 053-2017 Parks Amending bylaw
 054-2017 Tank Truck Delivery Policy OP-2-1
 055-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 056-2017 BIZ Levy
 057-2017 Budget Amendment 7th Ave Bridge
 058-2017 Budget Solid Waste Budget
 059-2017 Water and Sewer Budget
 061-2017 Budget Amendment Anicinabe Park BBQ Pit Improvements
 062-2017 D14-17-04 Minor Zoning bylaw amendment
 064-2017 Budget Amendment Various 2016 Amendments approved by manager
 065-2017 Agreement Kenora Consultants Inc Black Sturgeon Water quality bylaw
 066-2017 Letter of Understanding - CUPE City Hall Work Hours
 067-2017 Letter of Understanding - CUPE City Hall Part Time Cashier
 068-2017 Letter of Understanding - CUPE Transfer Site Attendant
 069-2017 Lougheed by-law to discharge obligations
 070-2017 Appoint bylaw enforcement officer Alexis Briggs - summer student
 071-2017 Limitation on Taxes for Certain Property Classes
 072-2017 Tax Ratios
 073-2017 Tax Rates
 074-2017 Municipal Operating Budget - 2017
 075-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 077-2017 Property Standards
 079-2017 Remove Policies CS-1-4 and CS-1-5
 081-2017 Traffic Amendment - Sixth St S Stop Sign
 082-2017 Traffic Amendment - Wharf Street
 083-2017 Budget Amendment GPS Equipment
 084-2017 Budget Amendment Whitecap Tent emergency repair
 085-2017 Budget Amendment Garrow Park Play Structure
 087-2017 Transfer Lease Agreement to River Air for 2nd St Wharf area
 088-2017 NOHFC Agreement Community Capacity Building Program - Anicinabe Park stage
 089-2017 PTIF Funding Min Transportation
 090-2017 Snow and Ice Amending
 091-2017 Appoint bylaw enforcement officer Taylor Sundin - summer student
 092-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 093-2017 Budget Amendment Sharepoint upgrades
 094-2017 Budget Amendment HST Pump
 095-2017 Traffic Amendment - Beach Road
 097-2017 Communications Tower Policy Amendment
 098-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 099-2017 IBEW Collective Agreement
 100-2017 Budget Amendment IBEW Water Plant Local 559
 101-2017 Keewatin Concession Agreement Jennifer Schott
 102-2017 Heritage Act designation amendment Museum Annex
 103-2017 Streetscan Inc Agreement
 104-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 105-2017 Anti Harassment Violence Policy
 106-2017 Boreal Datacom IT Services contract
 108-2017 Budget Amendment Park Street Parking Lot lights
 109-2017 Rename Colonization Road to Nash Street
 110-2017 Budget Amendment Sand Dome repairs
 111-2017 Coker bridge weight restriction
 112-2017 1008 Ottawa Street Lease Agreement - OPSEU
 113-2017 Lease Agreement with Bell mico pico cells in city facilities -bylaw
 114-2017 Budget Amendment Hydro Vac purchase
 115-2017 OPP 1000 Officers Agreement
 116-2017 Manshield Construction Agreement - Crawford Road Pumping rehabilitation
 117-2017 Sector Partnership Planning Agreement
 118-2017 Site Plan Agreement 3 Woods Dr Bridge Road Const
 119-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 120-2017 Budget Amendment Bridge Maintenance Unusual Spending
 121-2017 Budget Amendment CWWF 9th St N Storm Sewer Project
 123-2017 Traffic Amendment - hidden Trail Road Rate of Speed
 124-2017 Kenora Recreation Centre Concession lease agreement
 126-2017 Agreement with MDB Insight for Local Services Sector Analysis
 127-2017 Agreement Minister Northern Development Mines Investment Readiness
 128-2017 Agreement with VIP Energy Services Inc Community Energy Plan
 129-2017 Traffic Amendment - Nash Street-Colonization Rd changes
 130-2017 Budget Amendment Crawford Lift Station Rehabilitation
 131-2017 Agreement Minister Energy Community Energy Plan
 132-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 133-2017 Budget Amendment FCM Asset management
 134-2017 Succession Planning Policy Amendment HR-1-6
 135-2017 Emergency Management Plan
 136-2017 NWBC Starter Company Plus Program Agreement
 137-2017 NWBC Summer Company Program Agreement
 138-2017 MNDM for the operation of the NWBC
 139-2017 Assignment of Lease n Consent of Landlord 305 Main St S
 140-2017 Appoint bylaw enforcement officer Cole Kaemingh
 141-2017 IBEW Collective Agreement
 142-2017 Agreement FCM Asset Management Program
 143-2017 Agreement McSweeney and associates investment readiness audit
 144-2017 Transfer of Lands 9th St N Cemetery
 145-2017 Agreement Sierra Construction Wayfinding signage
 146-2017 Agreement Ministry Agriculture Food Rural Affairs 7th avenue bridge replacement
 147-2017 Agreement Minister of Infrastructure CWWF water sewer projects
 148-2017 Debbies Greenhouse Bedding Plant Contract
 149-2017 Confirm Proceedings
 150-2017 Procedural
 151-2017 Council-CAO Covenant Policy
 152-2017 Council Statement of Protocol
 153-2017 Council-Staff Statement of Protocol
 154-2017 Memorandum of Agreement Kenora Professional Firefighters
 155-2017 Traffic Amendment - Chipman St short term parking
 156-2017 Building Pathways to Employment in Kenora's Services Sector MOU
 158-2017 Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy
 159-2017 FCM Funding Agreement - Asset management
 160-2017 NCIR Investment Readiness Assessment Ministry Northern Develop Mines
 161-2017 Conventional Transit Agreement bylaw
 162-2017 Pregnancy and Parental Leave for Members of Council Policy
 163-2017 Budget Amendment KPFFA Agreement